NSOCC Yellow Card

North Sea Operator's Claims Conference (NSOCC)
NSOCC Yellow Card (4th Edition) 1999
Securing of cargo within vehicles and other Articles of Transport for carriage by sea.
The object of intermodal transport is to carry goods in Article(s) of Transport ("AoT") from the place of consolidation to their final destination without the need to deconsolidate during the carriage.
Therefore it is essential for the goods to be properly stowed and secured in the AoT to safeguard the goods and the AoT against natural and man-made circumstances that may arise during carriage.
Stowage guidelines have been drawn up by various organisations over the years.
We draw your attention to the British Merchant Shipping Notice No. M.1445 of April 1991. Its associated publication "Roll-on/Roll-off Ships-Stowage and securing of Vehicles Code of Practice" [SBN 0 11 550995 X] issued by the Department of Transport, Marine Directorate, London, is published by her Majesty's Stationery Office and contains lists of Related Publications.
The manual "Loading and Securing Cargo on Load Carriers" published by the Transport Research Institute [TFK], Stockholm Sweden and the IMO/ILO/UN ECE booklet "Guidelines for packing of Cargo Transport Units (CTUs)" - 1997 edition, published by the International Maritime Organization, are both recommended as informative publications providing good advice.
It is in the interest of all parties involved for the goods to outturn at the receiver's premises in sound condition, and it is therefore essential that the goods are properly stowed and secured in the AoT from the outset. Failure to do so may be in breach of applicable laws and regulations, and may also cause delay and additional expense for Shippers, as well as endanger life.
Specific attention is drawn to the Carriers' Standard Conditions of Carriage, and nothing contained herein shall be construed as a waiver or surrender of any of the Carriers' rights and/or defences. The Carriers shall not undertake any greater liability or responsibility than exists under those Standard Conditions.
Lübeck, Germany 29 September 1999
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